About Us

Noolaham Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization (GA 2390) founded to provide enhanced access to information sources and foster knowledge-based development in Sri Lanka. It maintains an online digital library, facilitates information preservation programmes, provides financial assistance and technical guidance for digitization initiatives, and actively participates in awareness-raising campaigns.  The free Internet library [ www.noolaham.org ] maintained by the Foundation serves as a learning centre incorporating local knowledge and enabling social interaction with a view to achieving constructive social outcomes. It functions as a repository for various institutions, and fulfils the information needs of students, researchers, historians, activists and the public.


Document and preserve knowledge, properties and values of all spheres related to Sri Lankan Tamil Speaking communities, make such knowledge accessible to all and capacitate communities to engage in knowledge building and learning.


  • Document, preserve and digitally archive ethnography and knowledge bases of mainstream and marginalized communities including dialects, belief systems, myths, rituals, folklore, games, indigenous medicine, law and administrative systems, technologies and arts.
  • Engage in and support preservation and digital archiving of written, print, multi-media and electronic resources related to Sri Lankan Tamil speaking communities.
  • Provide knowledge and information services to ensure free and open access, thereby supporting educational, research and development endeavors related to Sri Lankan Tamil speaking communities.
  • Build communities of practice, processes, technologies and standards of archival, library and information sciences through communication, networking and collaboration. 


Roadmap 2020