Get Involved

Noolaham Foundation is a volunteer lead and driven non-profit institution.  It depends on range of contributors like you to sustain and grow its activities. We provide many opportunities for anyone sharing our vision and objectives to contribute in small and big ways.  The following are just few of the ways you can contribute:

Contribute Content

Noolaham Foundation is dependent upon the support of authors, publishers, photographers, videographers, scholars, librarians, archivists and the public to provide content, sources and information for our projects.  We respectfully invite all content creators to join hands in creating the largest digital Tamil repository in the world.  

Contribute Expertise

Noolaham Foundation aim is to be an advanced digital archiving institution in the World.  To that end, we rely upon experts from a wide range of fields including digitization, information technology, software development, library and information sciences and archiving science to provide us with input and guidance with respect to standards, methodologies and technologies.  Please consider contributing your time, expertise and/or tools.

Contribute Resources

As a nonprofit organization, Noolaham Foundation relies on its network of donors for its ongoing activities and sustainability.  You can make small ongoing donations, fund specific projects, contribute to the Noolaham Foundation Endeavorment or provide needed equipment and facilities.