Governance and Management

The Regulatory Board (RB) of Noolaham Foundation is in charge of the governance of the Foundation. Sector Teams and Volunteers Teams are formed from the resource persons who are predominantly Noolaham volunteers. The Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Program Executive from Management report to the Regulatory Board.

Regulatory Board                                         

The Regulatory Board (RB) shoulders the responsibility for the smooth functioning and management of the Noolaham Foundation. It acts as the vigilant and advisory body to analyze, appraise and provide recommendations about policies and programs.

The Regulatory Board is responsible for Strategic Management, Planning, Fundraising, Resource Mobilization, Advocacy and Community Building. Fundraising, Technology, Information Services, Preservation & Archiving, and Advocacy & Community Development are identified as special sectors. The Chief Executive Officer/CEO shall be invited by the RB to document, follow up and implement the actions and resolutions of the RB.       

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) is the custodian body of the Noolaham Foundation. The BOD shall exercise all powers necessary for the trusteeship and administration of the Noolaham Foundation. The BOD holds all rights to finalize and approve the decisions received from any source, namely the Regulatory Board (RB), the Boards of Chapters (BOC) or the general membership.

Sector Teams and Volunteer Teams

Noolaham Foundation shall form Sector Teams (SET) to pool experts to work together in areas critical to the organization. Research & Documentation, Technology, Preservation & Archive, Information Service, Advocacy & Community Building and Resource Mobilization are the five Sector Teams.  Each Sector Team will work with a Volunteer Team based in Sri Lanka.