Our Values

  • Unity: Entities of Noolaham Foundation shall exist in different geographical, legal and political territories. Noolaham Foundation always ensures unity in its strategic framework, design, program, budget and communications.
  • Openness: As the driving force of Noolaham Foundation is centered on open data, open access and open knowledge, it does not charge end-users for accessing its archives. End-users should not use the contents for individual or corporate economic gain.
  • Transparency: Noolaham Foundation strives to be open and transparent in all of its operations. Our commitment includes detailed accounting, project and annual reports, timely dissemination of information and responsiveness to requests for information.
  • Unbiased: Noolaham Foundation is an unbiased entity. While it engages volunteers from different political thoughts and parties, it does not allow volunteers to use Noolaham Foundation for their political engagement and leverage. Noolaham Foundation shall take appropriate measures to prevent it from being politicized or labeled.
  • Volunteerism: Volunteerism is the basis for all Noolaham Foundation operations. The Annual Work Plan will be formulated emphasizing volunteer contribution in order to optimize the operational overheads and performance targets for each team.
  • Collaboration: Noolaham promotes synergy among similar organizations in digital documentation and preservation, thereby avoiding duplication and repetition of work. Noolaham Foundation shall collaborate with institutions when such collaboration optimizes Noolaham’s productivity.
  • Participation: Broadening and strengthening the participation of the stakeholders of Noolaham Foundation is part and parcel of the Noolaham culture. It consults with stakeholders regarding policies and decisions that affect the business of Noolaham Foundation.