Our Volunteers

Noolaham Foundation is a volunteer driven organization.  From the Board to project Teams, we rely on volunteers to support and deliver our mission.  We welcome the smallest of contributions, such as contributing a photo to our collection.

If you are interested in participating in Noolaham activities, please write to us at noolahamfoundation@gmail.com.

2017 Board Members (Custodian and Regulatory)

  • Rathina Iyer Pathmanaba Iyer
  • Kopinath Thillainathan
  • Seran Sivananthamoorthy
  • Natkeeran L Kanthan
  • Sutharshan Sirinivasan
  • Mayooranathan Ratnavelupillai
  • Sancheevi Sivakumar
  • Srikanthaluxmy Arulanantham
  • Thiruvarangan Mahendran
  • Shaseevan Ganeshananthan
  • Sanjayan Selvamanickam

2017 Contributors

  • Ramanaish Kathiravel (Strategy and Management Advisor)
  • Piratheepan Paramanathan (Outreach & Resource Mobilization)
  • Bharaneetharan J (Outreach & Multimedia)
  • Vakeewaran Arul (Digital Preservation)
  • Chandravathanaa Selvakumaran (Women Archive)
  • Subakaran Balasubramaniam (Communications & Reporting)
  • Bavaharan Vanniyasingham (Outreach & Resource Mobilization)
  • Srivakeesan Sriranganathan (Communications & Reporting)
  • Nithiyananthan Muthiah (Malaiyakam Archive)
  • Kesavan Paranchothy  (Donor Management)
  • Ravishankar Ayyakkannu (Communications and Outreach)
  • Shrinivasan (Technology)
  • Sriskanthan P (Outreach)
  • Sivananthan Kunasingam (Outreach)
  • Muthukumar Arumugam (Management advisor)
  • Sundar Lakshmanan (Technology advisor)
  • Ravishankar Ayyakkannu (Community, Communications and Program advisor)
  • Pon.Balarajan (Communications, Resource Mobilization advisor)

Former Board Members

  • Ramanaish Kathiravel
  • Bharaneetharan J
  • Shanmugapriyan Shanmugam

Contributors List

This page contains details of contributions of various individuals. If you have contributed in the past and that participation is not listed, please contact us.