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The Noolaham Foundation collaborates with various organizations related to its projects. Our mission is to build strong relationships with cultural and educational institutions and to recruit and support new organizations. We need your help in making this collaborative platform bigger, better and more useful. The following is the list of the organizations we collaborate with. Collaboration does not necessarily mean that the Foundation endorse the activities, views or content of these organizations.

Consultancy Partners

The Roja Muthiah Research Library


The Roja Muthiah Research Library (RMRL) was founded in 1994 to preserve, catalogue, and expand the collection of Roja Muthiah Chettiyar, a private collector who put together one of the world’s finest private libraries of Tamil publications during his lifetime. Located in Chennai, RMRL currently houses one of the most unique collections of Tamil imprints in South Asia. Some of the publications date from the latter part of the eighteenth century. With a collection of 2,50,000 items, RMRL provides research materials and facilities for research scholars of Tamil studies in a variety of fields spanning the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Most of the publications date from the latter half of the nineteenth and the twentieth century.

RMRL provides consultancy services to Noolaham Foundation in the areas of documentation and preservation.

For more details visit: The Roja Muthiah Research Library

The French Institute of Pondicherry


The French Institute of Pondicherry is a French financially autonomous institution in India, under the joint supervision of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE) and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). It is an integral part of the network of 27 research centres connected with the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

IFP assists Noolaham Foundation's programs by providing training to our volunteers in the areas of digitizing and preservation.

For more details visit: The French Institute of Pondicherry

Archival Partners

Jaffna Public Library

The library was built in many stages starting from 1933, from a modest beginning as a private collection. Soon with the help of primarily local citizens, it became a full fledged library. The library also became a repository of archival material written in palm leaf manuscripts, original copies of regionally important historic documents in the contested Contest political history of Sri Lanka and newspapers that were published hundreds of years ago in the Jaffna peninsula.

It thus became a place of historic and symbolic importance to the local minority Sri Lankan Tamil people An organized mob went on a rampage on the nights of May 31 to June 2, 1981, burning the Jaffna public library. The library at the time of destruction was one of the biggest in Asia containing over 97,000 unique books and unique manuscript. For more details visit: Jaffna Pulic Library

Jaffna Public Library has provided Noolaham Foundation with an office space at their library to conduct digitization activities. Various rare publications, magazines, phamlets and manuscrpts have been digitized by Noolaham Foundation.

Colombo Tamil Sangam

Colombo Tamil Sangam contributes towards the betterment of Tamil language, culture and Arts. Established in 1942, it operates a library with more than 45,000 books, publishes books and magazines, and conducts various events.

The library takes a unique stand in accomplishing the basic needs of high level research, references and also elaborates the platform for tamil language reading. It has a continuous approach in updating itself while comprising a huge number of tamil books. Moreover other main responsibilities of the Sangam include encouraging creators and publishers by creating a common platform, improving students' creative skills, encouraging Tamil literates, publishing 'sangathamizh' magazine and other books. For more details visit:

From 2009 to 2011, Colombo Tamil Sangam provided a space within their library to digitize their Sri Lankan Tamil special collection so that users all over the world can benefit from their collections. Noolaham Foundation has digitized more than 2500 publications from their collection.

Project Partners

Department of Computer Science - University of Jaffna

Computer Science.jpg

The Faculty of Science in the University of Jaffna established the Department of Computer Science in 1991. The vision of the Department is to be recognised as the centre of Computer Science learning in North and East parts of Sri Lanka. The department aims to produce competent graduates who excel in learning and computer science research and who could contribute to the development of the nation.

For more details visit: Department of Computer Science - University of Jaffna

In collaboration with the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), the Department of Computer Science at the University of Jaffna has initiated a project on designing an optical character recognition (OCR) software for the Tamil and Sinhala languages. Noolaham Foundation contributes to this project by providing digitized documents in Tamil.

Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) - Jaffna


OMI Jaffna is a branch of The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), a missionary religious congregation in the Catholic Church. Bishop Christopher Ernest Bonjean was called to Colombo at the age of sixty, on April 20, 1883, appointing Father Melizan Theophile OMI, his successor in Jaffna. Thus in the Diocese of Jaffna, from the time of the appointment of Bishop Semeria as the Vicar Apostolic of Jaffna on July 5, 1868 until the death of the last native Bishop of the same Diocese.

For more details visit: OMI Jaffna

The Jaffna regional organization of the OMI has been in touch with Noolaham foundation on issues related to our projects. They have shared with us the rare documents that they have housed in their library Thodarpakam. Noolaham foundation has shared some of the digitized documents with the Lebara library in Kilinochi which is administered by the OMI.

Community Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna

Department of Community Medicine.jpg

The Department of Community Medicine was established in 1978 as an educational institution. The Department functioned at the beginning at the present Siddha Department in Kaithady and then moved to the Teaching Hospital in Jaffna in 1981. In 1986, the department shifted to its present location, Faculty of medicine, University of Jaffna, Adiyapatham Road, Kokuvil. Prof. C. Sivagnanasundram (Nanthi) was the first Head of the Department.

The name of the Department has been changed as “Department of Community and Family Medicine” with the introduction of Family Medicine into the curriculum. Dr. Surenthirakumaran Rajendira is the present Head of the department. The academic activities of the Department include offering training to undergraduates, providing public health services to the people and giving trainingto students in the paramedical field who would eventually work as PHIs, PHMs, Nurses, etc.

For more details, please contact:

Noolaham Foundation collaborated a digitization project in 2014 with the Department of Community and Family Medicine and digitized about 250-300 rare books, pamphlets and periodicals from their publications and collections. They are related to Health, Nutrition, First Aid, Diseases and Symptoms of Diseases, Psychology, etc. Those digitization works are accessible in NF’s digital library at

Hindu Board Children Home

Hindu Board.jpg

The famous Sri Lankan Tamil political leader Sir Ramanathan Ponnambalam inaugurated Hindu Board of Education on 1st December, 1923 to propagate Tamil language, Culture, Saiva Religion and Education. And Mr. Rajaratnam Subramaniam (Hindu Board Rajaratnam) also played an important role, in this progress to bring it, up to this stage. This approved charity is located at Kalasalai Road, Thirunelvely, Jaffna. The poet Mr. S. Pathmanathan is the president of this organization and about 150 volunteers are contributing.

The Hindu Board of Education runs a Children’s home with around 250 students. They are also getting Shelter, Food, Clothing, Health Care, Education, Recreation and Vocational training. Almost all the children are from families affected by war. Hindu Board has a branch at Palaali road, Urumpirai, Jaffna called “Karunai illam”, a children's home especially for girls. For more details visit:

The Noolaham foundation had been conducted a project for Hindu Board of Education students for their ‘soft-skill development and an awareness creation. We have conducted a number of other events promoting digital literacy and virtual learning.

Chunnaham Public Library

Chunnaham Public Library.jpg

The Chunakam public library was started on October 1st, 1964 by Department of Local Government Association. It is one of the Public Libraries in Jaffna and thus provides library services such as book lending, reference services and children library. The local government commissioner directs this library. This library conducts events such as ‘Readers month, Library week, International women’s day etc. And also it organizes some books exhibitions, and mobile library services and competitive exams among the school students. And it publishes a magazine named ‘Vellimalai’ (வெள்ளிமலை). The students circle and readers circle and well-wishers are functioning as stakeholders of this library. For more details visit:

Noolaham Foundation has conducted a project to digitize the rare manuscrpts held at Chunnakam Library during 2012. A number of rare coins were digitized as well.

Sivagurunatha Peedam

Sri Sivagurunatha Peedam Vedhantha Madam was formed in 1904 by V. S. S. K. Kumaarasamy as a non-profit, charitable organization. The focus of establishment is to spread knowledge about upanishad among the hindu people. Moreover Sri Sivagurunatha Peedam Vedhantha madam aims to implement the religious compromise, social and religious services, and useful classes too. In present they are conducting some Yoga classes, meditation practices, and polyphony classes and monthly discussions and lectures, continues debates on Veda, commemoration poojas and etc. It also conducts demonstration and discussions on Upanishad. Sri Vedha Viththiyaasaakarar is the director of this organization.

Furthermore, Sri Sivakurunatha Peedam Veethantha madam maintains an internal library with many valuable books and some palm leaves manuscripts. During 2012, while conducting the ‘Manuscripts Archive Pilot Project 2012’, Noolaham Foundation digitized a number of palm leaf manuscrpts hel at this library. Some books were digitized as well.

Benefactor Organizations

Viluthu - Center for Human Resource Development

Viluthu- Centre for Human Resource Development Ms.Shanthi Sachchithanandam founded Viluthu in 2003 as a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting good governance through networking and advocacy. It’s located in Colombo 07 and has its branches in Jaffna, Puttalam, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Mannar, Kilinochchi andMullaitivu. Viliuthu has initiated several activities with a view to strengthening civil society through study circles, empowering local authorities and institutions, initiating conversations on gender, education and media. It also conducts projects such as “Anangu” and “Sanjeevini.”

More than 15,000 volunteers and CBOs, NGOs, schools and teachers have contributed to the successful achievements of this organization. Viluthu also publishes books, pamphlets and magazines. Akavizhi is one of the famous magazines published by Viluthu. Also Human rights and Development, Education and Gender Equality, Culture and Feminist Response and Koodam are some of their notable publications which are circulated all around Sri Lanka.

For contacts:

Viluthu provided their office space and related facilities to Noolaham Foundation during the early days of the latter. Also Noolaham Foundation digitized most of their publications and made them accessible in NF’s digital library.

Aa-Kohl Research Centre

The Centre is based on the belief that Tamil heritage is worth conserving and renewing. Increased cultural appreciation and understanding can be achieved through research, community education and communication.

For more details visit: Aa-Kohl

Aa-Kohl Research Center had provided office space and related facilities to Noolaham.

Beneficiary Organizations

Suvadi Digital Library


Suvadi Digital Library is a physical library with digital resources. It is based in Jaffna.

The Foundation have provided financial assistance to Suvadi to carryout their activities in 2010

Thamizham Digital Library


Thamizham is a web based project by Pollachi Nasan. Pollachi Nasan digitizes various rare magazines and books from his vast collection.

Noolaham volunteers have provided technical consultancy to Thamizham during the initial stages of their digitization initiative.

Keetru Online Journal


Keetru is a web based library with machine readable texts of numerous magazines and articles.

The Foundation have provided financial assistance to Keetru to sustain their activities when they were not able to continue in 2010.

Padippakam Digital Library


Padippakam is a digitizing initiative with its focus on political documention.

Noolaham United Kingdom chapter provides documents for digitization and they have been using Noolaham documents for their library.

Other Collaborated Organizations

Ezhuna Media

Ezhuna Media is a non - profit, charitable, independent media organization. The primary objective of this organization is to record various voices of the people, especially those occupying the margins of societies.

For more details visit: Ezhuna Media

Ezhuna Media collaborated for print publication related program with Noolaham.

Cintanaikoodam - Jaffna


Cintanaikoodam is a Jaffna based organization, was founded by Prof R. Sivachandran in 2009. Its located at no 121, 2nd cross street, Jaffna also functioning as non-profitable, partnership organization. It engages in data collection from community and conducts public lectures and seminars. In present its doing some data collections in Tamil areas based on Social and Economical development. The founder is holding the position as director in Cintanai Koodam-Jaffna. Cintanai Koodam publishes an annual journal “Akilam” with the social and economical perspective. Also its coordinates so varios events such as seminars, public lectures for community development.

Noolaham Foundation have collaborated with Cintanaikoodam in conducting awareness raising activities and workshops.Three days workshop was coordinated by Cintanai Koodam on February 2011 for Noolaham Foundation staff and volunteers. Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole and Prof R. Sivachandarn facilitated this workshop.

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