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Account Name: Noolaham Foundation
Account Number: 1100063121
Commercial Bank (Wellawatte Branch), Colombo, Sri Lanka

In kind donations and other contributions needed
Donation Details

Donations 2005.01.15 - 2016.10.31

Noolaham Foundation is a non-profit organization. While Noolaham Foundation's Board of Directors, regulatory Board and many other teams mostly consist of volunteers, we have employed a number of staff members to maintain our Programs and carry out the Projects. We also have equipment, communication, hosting, software, and other operating expenses.

To pay these expenses, we receive donations from

Funds are received as

Noolaham Foundation has a transparent accounting mechanism which by every cent is accounted for and reported to the stakeholders and public through this website. We always strive to efficiently utilize our funds. The Regulatory Board which also functions as the Resource Mobilization Team is responsible for raising funds for Programs, projects and activities. Accounting related activities such as keeping records to prepare financial statements are managed by our Finance and Administrative Officer.


Various individuals and institutions contribute monetary donations towards Noolaham Foundation's activities. Organizations such as literary associations, and temples have donated towards the Foundation's projects. Many individuals have donated in memory of their loved ones as well. We are introducing a Noolaham Sponsorship program, where we encourage individuals and organizations to contribute in an on-going basis.

We also receive funding from larger institutions for specific projects or for the Foundation's ongoing programs. Please see Benefactors page for the list of some of the contributors.


The Foundation currently functions with a monthly budget of Rs. 300,000.00. The expenses include Program Salaries, rent, communication expenses, internet connectivity, equipment maintenance, printing expenses, stationary etc. This monthly budget covers ongoing expenses of the programs.


Most of the monetary donations towards the Foundation are received through the bank account (See Contribute page for account details). A petty cash amount (currently Rs. 20,000.00 to Rs. 25,000.00 is maintained by the Finance and Administrative Officer for small or non regular expenses.

Summary of Accounts are updated in a regular basis (monthly or at least quarterly) at the Foundation website. Financial Statements were prepared after each year end (December 31st) and are included in the Annual Report. Since 2011, the Financial Statements are audited as well.

Annual Reports

The above linked accounts (except the 2011 summary) are extracts from our past Annual reports. Please read/download our past Annual Reports for in depth information related to the donations, expenses and financial statements.

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