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Personal collection of individuals including books, magazines, monographs and other documents are of great importance in our society. Such collections have been handed to Noolaham Foundation partially and fully for digitization.

Thelivaththai Joseph

Thelivaththai Joseph.jpg

Sahitya awarded senior writer from Malaiyakam (Hill Country, Sri Lanka) and literary critic Thelivaththai Joseph was born in UvaKaddalai state (ஊவாகட்டளை தேயிலைத் தோட்டம்), Badulla Province on the 16th of February 1934. He entered into the Sri Lankan literary world in the 1960s as a short story writer. He later established himself as a novelist. He also worked as a teacher at Thelivaththai. The name of his work place is attached to his birth name and he is known as Thelivaththai Joseph in the literary world. He got the SahityaAward in 2014 for his short story “NamirukkumNaadee” (நாமிருக்கும் நாடே).

As an early contributor to Noolaham Foundation, he offered a number of rare books for digitization and preservation in Noolaham’s digital library. Moreover he represented Noolaham Foundation on many occasions. He has been giving his support to our Foundation as adviser and well-wisher for many years along with his friends in the literary circles in Sri Lanka.

Thevathas Thambiayya


Thevathas Thambiayya is a retired teacher originally from Pungudutivu. He was born in Jaffna on 24th of April, 1951. He is well know for his books on Sri Lankan cinema and translations from Sinhala to Tamil. He has written a number of books on Cinematography, Proverbs etc.

Thevathas was one of the early contributors towards Noolaham activities. He gave a number of books and magazines especially related to cinema and radio to digitize and include in Noolaham digital library. He involves with Noolaham Foundation to share his publications as well as collections so that readers all around the world can benefit.

Antony Jeeva


Sebastian Antony Jeeva is a well known Tamil author from the Malaiyaham (Up-Country) region of Sri Lanka. He was born in Colombo on 26th May, 1944 and lives in Malaiyaham. He has been supporting to the literature related activities of hill country Tamils for a long time so that they can express their livelihood difficulties. He served as a newspaper reporter in ‘Thinappathi’ and ‘Sinthaamani’ journals in early stage of his life and also now works as a freelance writer for several newspapers.

Antony Jeeva has given his valuable books collection and his publications such as fictions, short stories, poems and research books to digitize and publish at Noolaham digital library. He also has contributed towards identifying and approaching various writers from Malaiyaham so that their publications can be documented as well.

Rathina Iyer Pathmanaba Iyer

Balasubramania Sarma Sivaramakrishna Sarma

Balasubramania Sarma Sivaramakrishna Sarma.jpg

Sivaramakrishna Sarma Balasubramania Sarma is a retired Director of Education from the Ministry of Higher Education, Baththaramulla. He also served as Principal of Bambalapitiya Hindu College for a couple of years. He has joined Noolaham Foundation and has shared valuable books from his collection with the aim of promoting knowledge among all.

Most of the books are related to Hinduism and the history of some Hindu temples. These books are now available in Noolaham Foundation’s digital library. Mr. Sivaramakrishna Sarma also contributes to Noolaham Foundation in many other ways.

Nagenthirampillai Kandiah


Colombo based social activist Nagenthirampillai Kandiah was born in Velanai, Jaffna on 28th February, 1956, and lived in Colombo. He was engaged in massive books collection of different streams such as Political, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Medicine and etc. He had planned to build a in depth library. But unfortunately he has passed away in October 2014.

He contributed immensely towards the collection development of Noolaham Foundation by sharing his valuable insight and knowledge. He also gave a number of rare books to be digitized and added to Noolaham digital library. We fondly remember his contributions.

Gopalapillai Thiru Ketharanathan


Thiru Ketheranathan Gopalapillai is one of the earlier contributors of Noolaham Foundation. He was born in Inuvil, Jaffna on 03rd of December 1947. He served as an Editor in Veerakesari journal and currently providing his service to the society as a freelance writer in various newspapers. He is engaged in writing, translation, criticism, political affairs discussions and Cinematography reviews.

He has given a number of rare periodicals and books related to Sri Lankan Tamil literature to digitize. His collections are mostly related with literature. He had lost significant part of his collections during civil war and thus encourages the digitization initiatives of Noolaham Foundation.

Sivakumar Balasubramaniam

Jeyasankar Sivagnanam


Dr. Jeyasankar Sivagnanam is a senior lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. He also has served as a head of the department in that section. He was born in Jaffna on 29 of May, 1965 and lives in Batticaloa. He s coordinates ‘Third Eye Local Knowledge and Skill activists friend circle’ and engages with several activities such as community theatre reformulation, celebrating cultural heritage cum local industry of Tamils of Sri Lanka, children's theatre festivals as well as encourageing the activities of indigenous people.

Jeyasankar has supported Noolaham Foundation during the initial stages by sharing his valuable books collection and writings to preserve on NF digital library. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Noolaham Founation as well and contributes by guiding Noolaham activities.

Thevarajah Somasundaram


Thevarajah Somasundaram is a well known writer and lawyer and he lives in Pandatharippu, Jaffna. He is engaged in various kinds of Art and Literature activities and a senior member of new democratic marxist-leninist party. He is an ctive contributor of Thesiya Kalai Ilakkiya Peravai, Marumalarchi Mandram and Colombo Tamil Sangam as well. As a dedicated social activist, he involves with various issues to support the community..

He was one of the very earliest contributors towards Noolaham Foundation. He loaned his collection of books including books written by Mavi varoothajan, Prof. K. Kailasapathy, and E. Murugaiyan. He has also contributed by associating some organizations such as Thesiya Kalai Ilakkiya Peravai, Colombo Tamil sangam with us. He continues to give his support towards Noolaham initiatives.

Sabaratnam Aarumugam


Retired teacher and a former lecturer of Lanka Ayurvedic college, Sabaratnam Arumukam lives in Jaffna and engages with literature related activities for a long time. Also he has supported a number of Master degree students’ studies and helped them to finish their researches successfully. He has published a number of books as well.

He has contributed towards Noolaham Foundation by giving access to his books collection to digitize and preserve in NF digital library. He has also given valuable contacts and details to locate rare publications. We are planning to digitize his handwritten Manuscripts as well.

Ganesharajah Rajadurai


Ganesarajah Rajathurai is a retired principal and social activist. He was born in Chunnakam, Jaffna. Ganesarajah has written some short plays and staged them successfully as well. Since 1985, he is operating a library named “Siththi vinayagar nool nilayam” (சித்தி விநாயகர் நூல் நிலையம்) with vast number of books, rare periodicals, newspapers and etc. Most of these publications are collected by him as personally. They are related with various kind of fields such as Social, Political, literature and history.

Ganesharajah has been providing his library collection to Noolaham Foundation to digitize and preserve in NF digital library so that his library collection can be accessed not only by locals but also by everyone around the world.

Sivasubramaniam Annapurana Jothilingam


Sivasubramaniam Annapurana Jothilingam is a retired teacher and fairness lawyer. He was born in Jaffna and lives in Colombo. Currently he works Chief editor in “Ithu Nam Thesam” journal. he has written a number of books about political science, politics in Sri Lanka and other issues. He also writes political commentary for various newspapers.

Jothilingam is an active contributor towards Noolaham Foundation by providing publications and comments encourages our activities. During 2014, he loaned his collection of over 100 books to Noolaham Foundation so that publications which are not yet digitized can be archived at Noolaham Digital Library.

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