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Womens' Education and Research Centre

Women's Education and Research Center
1982 saw the inauguration of this organisation as the Women’s Education Centre (WEC). It was founded by a small group of feminist researchers and activists to highlight the status of women in the country and to publish material, which could be used by women in their struggle for liberation. The broad objectives of WEC were to increase women’s awareness, their resources and opportunities for effective participation in the economic, political and social life of the country. For more details visit:

Noolaham collaborates with WERC in digitizing their publications and other women related publications. It should be pointed out that Noolaham's first ever collaborated project was carried out with WERC back in 2007. The project Report is included in the 2008 Annual Report

International Center for Ethnic Studies

International Center for Ethnic Studies
The International Centre for Ethnic Studies is a renowned international research centre located in Sri Lanka. It was established in 1982 with the support of the Ford Foundation by a team of Sri Lankan and International scholars. It is amongst the select few institutions that are both ‘local’ to the global South and ‘international’ in orientation. ICES is in ‘special category’ consultative status with the United Nations ECOSOC. The mission of ICES is “to deepen the understanding of ethnicity, identity politics and conflict, and to foster conditions for an inclusive, just and peaceful society nationally, regionally and globally, through research, publication, dialogue, creative expression and knowledge transfer”. For more details visit:

Noolaham collaborates with ICES in digitizing their publications and other related publications.

Thesiya Kalai Ilakkiya Peravai

Thesiya Kalai Ilakkiya Peravai
Thesiya Kalai Ilakkiya Peravai was established by the well known academic Prof. K. Kailasapathy in 1974. This initiative is focused on cultural revival among Tamil communities. They conduct a vast number of innovative activities such as literature seminars, conferences, book publishing, periodical publishings and drama productions. Also Thesiya Kalai Ilakkiya Peravai functions as a cooperative institution. Prof. S. Thillainathan is the director and Dr. S. Sivasegaram is the secretary of this institution. Their head office is located at 121, Hamdan lane, Colombo 6 also their another branch is located in Jaffna. Kalai Ilakkiya Peravai is creating and encouraging lot of creators and researchers. Also it’s engaged some researches on Art-Literature, social advancement, language, culture, history as well as Humanity, Human equality, Nationality and women rights too. It has published about 120 books so far. It also publishes Thayakam magazine and Puthuvasantham annual magazines. It also conducts special meetings with their relevant visions, Dramas, presenting poems and discussions. For more details visit:

When Noolaham was initiated in 2005, Thesiya Kalai Ilakkiyap Peravai provided machine readable formats of some of its books and encouraged our initiative. Over the years, they continue to provide their publications to Noolaham Foundation making them accessible to all.

Mallikai Panthal Publication

Mallikai Panthal Publication
Dominic Jeeva, a well known writer, started publishing Mallikai magazines in 1966. During 1990 he started Mallikai Panthal institution to publish the books of Sri Lankan Tamil writers. Since 1990, Mallikai Panthal has published over 40 books such as novels, short story collections, essays, poetry collections etc. Mr. Dominic Jeeva is the director of this publication. He has published 401 issues of Mallikai magazines as well.

Noolaham Foundation collaborated with Mallikai Panthal Publication to digitize some of the books published by them. So far, 75% of Mallikai issues are digitized and archived at Noolaham digital library.

Gnanam Publication

Gnanam Publication

Gnanam T. Gnanaserkaran formed Gnanam Publishers in 1996 as a non-profitable organisation to engage in activities related to Tamil Literature and is located at 3B, 46th lane, Colombo 6. The founder Dr. T. Gnanasekaran is the director of the organization and Mr. G. Balachandran is the chief programme executive. They have published various books and are publishing Gnanam monthly magazines as well. Gnamam publishers have published in depth special issues of Gnanam magazine covering various themes such as war time literature and diaspora literature. They have also published commemorative issues for various notable personalities as well. For more details:

During 2008, Noolaham Foundation conducted a collaborative project with Gnanam publishers to digitize all their publications. Since then their newer issues are also digitized regularly. All digitized publications are accessible at Noolaham Foundation digital library.

Thinamurasu Publication

Thinamurasu Publication

Thinamurasu Publications was started in 1993 at Colombo. It was established by Nadarajah Atputhan as an alternative media organization. They started publishing a weekly issue from 1993. In 2010, Thinamurasu Publications moved to Jaffna and they began to publish a daily newspaper as well. Thinamurasu has faced various threats and attacks over the years. Mr. Douglas Devananda is the director of the publication and M.I. Murugan is the chief programme executive for a ten years. Thinamurasu Publications has been conducting various events such as writing competitions among the school children and sponsors other general events as well.

During 2010, Noolaham Foundation conducted a digitization project to archive Thinamurasu newspapers. 661 issues were digitized during that project. Since then Thinamurasu newspapers are digitized periodically. Thinamurasu has provided not only their publications but also other newspaper collections to Noolaham Foundation.

Meelparvai Media Center

Meelparvai Media Center

A group of Muslims social activists formed the Meelparvai Media Center in 1995 to build social awareness in the community. It has also been registered as a non-profit organization and named Focus Media. Mr. M. Fiyaz Mohammed is the Director of the Media Center. This group publishes a newspaper and some magazines and is involved in a few Research activities too. Meelparvai newspaper (மீள்பார்வை) and few magazines, such as Vaikarai(வைகறை), Sarvathesappaarvai(சர்வதேசப் பார்வை) and Payanam(பயணம்) are circulated all around the world. The Muslim community functions as stakeholders and thirty volunteers support the activities of this Media Center. Meelparvai Media center is located at 49, Sri Mahinda Dharma Mawatha, Colombo 9.

For more details visit:

Noolaham foundation collaborated with Meelparvai Media center/ Focus media center and continues to digitize their publications when they are published. These publications are available in Noolaham’s digital library. (

Tamil Times Publication

Sarinihar Publication

Vaiharai Publication

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