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Policy, Procedure and Program Manual (PPP Manual) and Regulatory Board

It was resolved that the approved version of the PPP Manual shall be a guiding document of Noolaham Foundation. A Regulatory Board is appointed based on the PPP Manual.

5 April 2014

Authorized signature authority

Be it resolved by the circular resolution of the association, “Noolaham Foundation” as follows: Name : Ms Gajani Satchithanandan (917130264V)

Shall be an authorized signature of the Noolaham Foundation to maintain the bank accounts which are with Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC with effect from 17 June 2013.

15 June 2013

ComBank online

It was resolved:

1. To request the Bank to permit the company the use of "comBank online" facility

2. To adopt the "ComBank online" Customer Undertaking and that it be executed on behalf of the Company under the hands of Seran Sivananthamoorthy and Gajani Satchithanandan (in terms of the Articles of Association).

3. That the following persons be and are hereby appointed as the Delegates of the Company for the purposes of the said Undertakings and that each such person be granted a User lD and a separate password which shall be duly acknowledged under their signatures.

The linked Accounts relating to each such primary Delegate shall be given below. Primary Delegate A : Seran Sivananthamoorthy Primary Delegate B : Gajani Satchithanandan

4. Shall be effected only by Seran Sivananthamoorthy and shall be duly notified to the Bank in writing and would become effective only upon receipt of written confirmation from the Bank that such change has been effected.

5. That the Bank be entitled but not obliged to and is hereby authorised to accept any instructions given to it by use of User lDs and Passwords given by the Bank to the Primary Delegates and/or created by such Primary Delegates using "ComBank Online" facility and such instructions shall be and shall deem to be instructions which have been duly authorised by the Company not withstanding that such instructions conflict with or are in anyway in consistent with any other instructions received under any other mandate given by the Company to the Bank.

6. That these resolutions be communicated to the Bank and shall remain in force until an amending resolution shall have been passed by the Company's Board of Directors and a certified copy there of shall have been received by the Bank and the Company receives written confirmation from the Bank that such amending resolution has been given effect to.

7. That these instructions and mandate shall be in addition to the mandate already given to the Bank by the Company. 8. That the Company shall hold the Bank harmless and indemnified against all and any loss damage expense cost or demand incurred or arising by reason of the Bank acting in terms of this mandate and authorisation.

We do hereby certify that the above resolulion of the Board of Directors of Noolaham Foundation were passed. at -a meeting of the Board of Directors duly convened and held on the 30th Day of April 2013 and the same has been duty entered in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company.

30 April 2013


WHEREAS the Directors are of the opinion that to honour contributions made by distinguished persons and to raise goodwill and contributions towards Noolaham Foundation, such persons should be appointed as the Patrons of Noolaham Foundation.

It is now hereby resolved that Patrons may be appointed to the Noolaham Foundation by the Board of Directors. A patron can be appointed for terms of two years.

14 March 2013

Chief Operating Officer

Be it resolved by the circular resolution of the “Noolaham Foundation” as follows:

Name : Mr Vimalanathan Vimalathithan (851262326 V) Address : 2/3, "R" Block, Anderson Flats, Colombo - 5, Sri Lanka Profession : Assistant Manager (Board of Architectural Education, Sri Lanka Institute of Architects)

Shall be the Chief Operating Officer of Noolaham Foundation with effect from 01 February 2013.

01 February 2013

Change of Title of the Bank Signature Authority

It was resolved that Mr Sivananthamoorthy Seran, who has been the signature Authority for the operation of the following mentioned Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, Wellawatte Branch Account has been appointed as the Director of the Foundation and he shall continue to be the signatory for the banking operations under Director title with effect from the 24th day of January, 2013 and shall affix the Director seal and sign for any banking transactions

Account No 1100063121

Commercial bank of Ceylon PLC, Wellawatte Branch.

23 January 2013

Auditors Appointment

Be it resolved that the following Chartered Accountants shall be appointed as the Auditors of the company.

Name: Amerasekara & Co. Address: No 12, Rotunda Gardens, Colombo - 03, Sri Lanka.

Further the secretary shall take necessary steps to file the Annual Returns for the year ended on the 31st day of March, 2011 at the Registrar of Company.

Passed unanimously on 01st day of May, 2012.

Change of Address

Be it resolved that the Registered address of the Foundation shall be changed to "No.7, 57th Lane, Wellawatte, Colombo-06" with effect from 01st day of May, 2012.

Further the secretary shall take necessary steps to file the Form 13 in respect of the said change to the Registrar of Company within the prescribed period

Passed unanimously on 01st day of May, 2012.

Director Appointment

IT IS NOW HEREBY RESOLVED that Mr.Seran Sivananthamoorthy (holder of NIC No.901153604V) shall be appointed as a Director of the Foundation with effect from 20th day of September, 2011.

Passed unanimously on 19th day of September, 2011.

Chief Operating Officer Appointment

Be it resolved by the circular resolution of the association, “Noolaham Foundation” as follows:
Name : Mr Sivananthamoorthy Seran (901153604V)
Address : Sivapuri, Neervelly centre, Neervelly, Jaffna.
Profession : Student
Shall be the Chief Operating Officer of the association with effect from 29/11/2010.

Passed unanimously

Bank Account

Resolution of the Directors and the Share holders of NOOLAHAM FOUNDATION passed by circular resolutions

We hereby certify that the following circular resolution of the Board of Directors of the ‘NOOLAHAM FOUNDATION’ was passed and has been duly recorded in the minutes book of the company:-

(a) A Banking Account in the name of the Company be opened with the Commercial bank of Ceylon PLC, Wellawatte Branch. The bank be and is hereby authorised to act on instructions given on behalf of the company either by Ganeshananthan Shaseevan – Director or Seran Sivananthamoorthy (holder of NIC No. 901153604V) Chief Operational officer of ‘Noolaham Foundation’ whether the account is overdrawn or not.
(b) This authority shall also apply to any deposit accounts to be opened unless otherwise resolved.
(c) All changes that may take place from time to time in authorized signatories be promptly advised to the Bank in writing.
(d) The company agrees to comply with and to be bounded by the rules of the Bank governing the conduct of such accounts.

Passed unanimously

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