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Objective 1

Document, preserve and digitally archive ethnography and knowledge bases of mainstream and marginalized communities including dialects, belief systems, myths, rituals, folklore, games, indigenous medicine, law and administrative systems, technologies and arts.




Objective 1.1

Religions and Cultural Memory

Religions, Religious Education, Semiotics, Beliefs, Myths, Rituals, Festivals, Folklore

Objective 1.2

Architecture and Design

Traditional Architecture, Town Planning and Urban Design, Designs, Iconography and Art History, Pottery

Objective 1.3

Crafts, Science and Technology

Astrology, Astronomy, Climatology, Maritime Technology, Agriculture, Irrigation, Weaving Technology, Metalworking,
Mathematics, Crafts

Objective 1.4

Law and Legal System

Mercantile Heritage, Education, Law, Philosophy

Objective 1.5

Home and Life style

Foods and Beverages, Furniture, Household equipment, Decoration, Dress and Ornements

Objective 1.6

Arts and Activities

Dance, Music, Drama, Games, Drawings and Paintings, Cinema

Objective 1.7

Ethno Medicine

Indigenous Medicine, Siddha Medicine, Herbal Plants, Veterinary Medicine

Objective 1.8

Social Structure, Genealogy and Kinship

Kinship, Family Histories, Gender relations, Caste System, Biographies, Anthroponym

Objective 1.9

Archaeology and History

Historical Sites, Archaeological Sites, Numismatics, Paleography, Epigraphy, Layers of History

Objective 1.10

Linguistics and Literature

Dialects, Corpus, Ancient Literature, Colonial Literature, Post-colonial Literature, Lexicography

Objective 1.11

Ethnography and Race Relations

Ethnography, Displacements, Diaspora, Migration, Social Changes

Objective 1.12

Villages and Communities

Villages, Towns, Cities, Communities

Objective 1.13

Organizations and Institutions

Educational Institutions, Religious organizations, Theaters, Libraries, Societies and Associations,
Media organizations

Objective 1.14

Landscape, Environment and Biodiversity

Cartography, Geography, Toponym, Environment, Flora, Fauna

Objective 2

Engage in and support preservation and digital archiving of written, print, multi-media and electronic resources related to Sri Lankan Tamil speaking communities.




Objective 2.1

Print Publications Archive

Books, Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, Newsletters, Booklets, Reports, Souvenirs and Felicitations,
Annual Publications, Posters, Flyers and Leaflets, Fact sheets, Invitations, Memorial Publications,
Dissertations, Ephemera, Trade and Advertising Publications, Guides and handbooks

Objective 2.2

Manuscripts Archive

Ola leaf, Letters, Diaries and other hand written documents

Objective 2.3

Multimedia Archives

Audio, Video, Photos and Images, Maps, Drawings

Objective 2.4

Digital Resources Archives

Web News Archive, Web Site / Blog, Electronic Resources

Objective 3

Provide knowledge and information services to ensure free and open access, thereby supporting educational, research and development endeavors related to Sri Lankan Tamil speaking communities.




Objective 3.1

Digital Library

Providing Open Access, Classification and Cataloging, Guides

Objective 3.2

Collection Development

Ongoing Collection Development, Special Collections

Objective 3.3

Reference Collections

Bibliography, Communities and Villages, Organizations, Who’s Who

Objective 3.4

Virtual Learning Environments

Educational Resources, Virtual Learning Environment

Objective 4

Build communities of practice, processes, technologies and standards of archival, library and information sciences through communication, networking and collaboration.




Objective 4.1

Noolaham Events

Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions

Objective 4.2

Conferences and Symposiums

Annual Conference

Objective 4.3


Books, Translations, Journals and Magazines

Objective 4.4

User Communities

Foster User Communities

Objective 4.5

Information Commons

Foster Open Access publishing, Creative Commons, Open Media and OpenCourseWare

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