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Sector Teams (SET) are pools of experts who work together in areas critical to Noolaham Foundation. Research & Documentation, Technology, Information Services, Advocacy & Community Building and Resource Mobilization are the five Sector Teams. The head of each SET will serve as Sector Lead at the Regulatory Board. A Sector Team is responsible for developing concepts, identifying risks and issues and recommending strategies to the Regulatory Board. Each Sector Team is responsible for quality assurance in their respective sector.

A Sector Team may have dedicated Staff/Management support or request Staff/Management support as needed. A Sector Team shall make use of Resource Persons (volunteers) or Consultants (paid) for specific expert requests.It is a shared responsibility between Sector Teams and the Regulatory Board to build capacity, skill set and resources within the Sector Teams.

The Sector Lead is responsible for coordinating the members, volunteers, experts and staff. She/he shall set the agenda and record minutes. The minutes must be shared with the RB.


Research and Documentation

Noolaham Foundation uses research based approach towards documentation initiatives.

The "Research and Documentation Team" is responsible for evaluating project proposals, strategic project planning and providing support towards the research projects being undertaken.


Technology is an integral component of many programs undertaken by the Noolaham Foundation. We use and build upon a range of technologies including scanning technologies, archiving and digital library software, educational software and collaboration tools.

The Technology Team is responsible for the strategic technology planning and infrastructure implementation for all of Noolaham's operations. Documentation/data collection, scanning, online library, project management and co-ordination--all require cost effective software and hardware infrastructure and support.


Information Services

Information Services Team is responsible for digital library, collection and development of materials, reference services, research supports, and virtual learning environment and facilities.

Building Capacities and Communities of Practice

Advocacy and Resource Mobilization

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