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Noolaham Foundation was initiated as a volunteer based project organization and has grown into an organization with the contribution of hundreds of volunteers. Even though we employ various employees as well, most of the activities are spearheaded the volunteers.

A volunteer can be as small as getting a photo or can be the participation of the strategic decisions of the Foundation. Volunteers can contribute towards Advocacy roles, Communication Team, Technology Team or Program Teams. Noolaham Foundation need the contribution of more and more volunteers to implement various projects as outlines in Roadmap 2020. Volunteers based in various countries contribute through the chapters of Noolaham Foundation

If you are interested in participating in Noolaham activities, please write to us at noolahamfoundation@gmail.com.

This page contains details of contributions of various individuals. If you have contributed in the past and that participation is not listed, please contact us.

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